Throw Back Thursday: Gears of War 4 Collector’s Edition-Outsider Variant Review

Welcome back to another Throw Back Thursday Collector’s Edition Review. Today we will be looking at the Gears of War 4 Collector’s Edition-Outsider Variant that I just opened up from Amazon. The collector’s edition arrives in a large premium box with a nicely designed slip cover 
Behind the cover is just the red skull logo which isn’t as interesting looking and therefore I will be keeping the cover on when it gets added to the collector’s edition wall. Once you open the top of the box you will find the steel book game in a protective sleeve along with the season pass underneath. 

There will also be a fairly nice exclusive lithograph by Triforce that is inside a black envelope for those who like to frame gaming artwork.

Lastly we have the JD Fenic and COG Bike Premium statue made by Triforce. Like many of Triforces statues, this one was very well made. There was a lot of textured details on the bike showing a lot of wear and tear. The statue also has a hidden battery area on the center of the bike where you remove the paneling, insert 2 AA batteries and can turn on the front lights, tail lights, gun lights, and armor all at once. I really like when figures have added features like lighting, sounds, movement etc so this was a big plus in my book and brought more realism to the statue. Furthermore, this figure is fairly large, it came in at 19 inches long, 11 inches tall and 7.75 inches wide and weighed a whopping 6 lb 10 oz making this one of the largest collector’s edition statues I have bought. You will definitely need to find a long shelf in order to display this piece.

Overall, this collector’s edition will make any fan of the series happy. The included steel book, season pass, key chain, and statue were all great items and for the price I paid ($68.23) there is no way I could rate this any lower than an 8.25 and deem it worthy of a BUY, especially if you can catch it on sale like I did.

If you wish to check this collector’s out you can do so by clicking here for Amazon . The prices fluctuate daily so check back often to get the best deal possible.

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