Monster Hunter: World Collector’s Edition (Gotta Hunt Em’ All)

Capcom’s highly anticipated Monster Hunter: World will be launching in all territories January 26, 2018. Along with the standard game release, there will be two variants the deluxe digital edition and the collector’s. The Collector’s Edition which will only be sold at Gamestop (NA) and EB Games will include Monster Hunter: World Standard Game, 32-page Hardcover Art book, Digital Soundtrack (10 tracks), Digital Deluxe DLC Card featuring (Samurai Set, Additional Gestures: Zen, Ninja Star, Sumo Slap, 2 additional sticker sets, “Wyvern” face paint and “Topknot” hairstyle”) and not last but not least the Nergigante Statue (approx. size 5.5 inch wide x 6.7 inch deep x 4.9 inch tall)

Furthermore, Gamestop will be including a pre-order bonus which contains the Origin Set Armor and the Fair Wind Charm.

Monster Hunter: Worlds will be holding its second beta for PS4 on December 22 at 9 AM PT / 12 PM ET / 5 PM GMT (4 AM AET on December 23). The beta will last for four days, ending at the same times on December 26/27th depending on time zones. As an added bonus Capcom stated that you would not need to have PS Plus subscription in order to download it.

If you are interested in pre-ordering this Collector’s Edition you can do so HERE

I will be doing a review on this collector’s when it comes out so remember to check back in January to get my review/thoughts on this $150 collector’s edition. As always happy gaming my friends!


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