Capcom vs Bandai: Who had the better Collector’s Edition (Monster Hunter World or Dragon Ball FighterZ)

Hello, fellow Collector’s, so this week both Monster Hunter World and Dragon Ball FighterZ Collector’s Edition were released so I thought it would be a fun idea to pit the two Collector’s Editions against one another to see who would reign supreme. Based on a twitter poll, posted earlier in the week, most of you voted that Monster Hunter World would win. So lets go ahead with the in-depth reviews on the two collector’s.


Contender 1: Monster Hunter Worlds

The Monster Hunter World Collector’s (Gamestop exclusive) by Capcom retails for $149.99 and is currently SOLD OUT. The box is made out of a higher quality dense cardboard and features some monster artwork. When you removed the info sleeve and open the box you will find a standard copy of Monster Hunter World as well as the digital soundtrack/dlc codes. Behind the cardboard game holder you will find the a 32-page hardcover art book. The book to me is pretty short for a game with so many customization’s, weapons, environments, monsters but the artwork is nice so I won’t dock them too many points. At least it isn’t a flimsy paperback that is attached to the box like other collector’s I’ve purchased.

Last but not least we have the Nergigante statue, let me say that out of my previous monster hunter collector’s purchases this is the best quality statue to date but when compared to my whole collection, it can be thrown into my best friend’s four year old’s toy box. The material is rubber, the detailing is just a ton of spikes with different colored tips, the overall design choice is poor with how the monster is displayed, and therefore this statue now resides in the dark corner of my book shelf. Dear Capcom, when you release the next Monster Hunter game please give your fan base something they are proud to display in a case.


Contender 2: Dragon Ball FighterZ

Dragon Ball FighterZ by Bandai currently retails for $139.99 and is available on Xbox One and PS4. The box is a bit unusual in the sense that the top doesn’t go all the way to the bottom so you are left with an awkward one inch gap.

When you remove the top you are greeted by a nice tray of goodies that are just waiting to be opened. 

The black package in the front of the box includes these ultra nice, thick card stocked art work pieces. The artwork has this nice gold inlay which makes them really feel like a premium product. I will definitely be finding a three picture frame to hang these in soon!

The Collector’s also includes a steal book with all your favorite heroes and villains adorned in the front. Love me some steel book for sure.

And lastly we have the statue. It is made by Banpresto, so if you have seen some of their other products at Thinkgeek/Boxlunch you already know what it will look like. I am not a huge fan of the art style but I get there intentions. My main gripe on the statue is the hollow base and i’m also not a big fan of the giant logo in the front. However, the bright colors and contrasts do grab your attention immediately if you browse through my collection of figures. The statue’s box also states what number you got on the inside lid, so don’t forget to see what number you have.


Final Results:

Dragon Ball FighterZ wins this match-up hands because it contains better quality items for a cheaper price. The art cards alone dwarf the Monster Hunter Collector’s in comparison which has improved a bit from the Nintendo 3DS collectors that came out last year. Here is the breakdown of my results.

I hope your enjoyed my review on both these collectors editions and will be back to read more on all things Collecting. Hope you have a wonderful day and as always Happy Gaming.

To purchase the Dragon Ball Fighter Z for the PS4/Xbox One click HERE (Amazon)



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