God Of War: Stone Mason Collector’s Edition Full Review

The much anticipated God of War Collector’s Edition came out last week and of course I had to snag one to review. At a whopping $150 was this Collector’s worth my hard earned cash???

Well for starters the box itself has a nice art design and is very visually appealing. Definitely gonna find a spot in the Collector’s Edition Wall I’ve built.But who cares about the box right? Whats all inside this bad boy. Well for starters you get this nice art piece you can put into a frame which sort of reminds me of Game of Thrones.You also get a bunch of interesting little totem figures, a keychain with sound, a cloth map, and this ring, which is a size Kratos
 Furthermore there is the steelbook case with the game and your digital goodies. The design is pretty basic but it does fit the theme.

Then there is my favorite part in all Collector’s Editions, the Statue. This one measures at 9 inches tall, the base is 7 inches and the whole thing weights 2lb 5.4oz. The coloring and design is a little bit like horizon zero dawn’s statue. I like the blue blood axe splatter effect they included and they did a pretty good job trying to hide seems. It is definitely one of the better statues included in a collector’s edition so far this year. 
So to answer the question, was it worth the $150. I would have to say yes, compared to other collector’s editions this year this one gave a larger assortment of goodies and a great looking statue. The one item I wish they had included was a visual art book. The game itself is stunning and makes you want to purchase a 4k monitor/ps4 pro immediately and therefore I wish I could take a deeper look into the art concepts, backgrounds, etc. Overall, I am giving this Collector’s a 9/10 and rating it a Buy especially if you want some nice God of War items to have around the apartment. Hope everyone is doing amazing and as always Happy Gaming my Friends! Leave any comments and thoughts below!

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